The first thing you notice when you’re in the wilderness in Iceland is the exposure. You are in constant conflict with the elements. There is no easy shelter, ne trees, no respite from the wind. The sheep of Iceland have roamed free for a thousand years, trudging in single file along mountains, into valleys and beside rivers. The sheep have created over the centuries some of the most versatile, challenging and natural singletrack trails in the world.

“The mountain biking scene in Iceland is relatively small in Iceland,” said Rúnar Ómarsson, an avid mountain biker and guide in Iceland. “Well, most scenes in Iceland are relatively small..but it’s growing fast.”

Rúnar guided mountain biking legends Hans Rey and Steve Peat across Iceland, filming a documentary with one of the greatest action sports photographers in the world, Scott Markewitz.

“I was reading a mountain biking magazine and I read that one the top sports photographers in the world, Scott Markewitz, wanted to come to Iceland,” said Rúnar with pride. “It was the number one location he wanted to go to to shoot photographs. I contacted Scott and told him I could make the trip worthwhile. He told me he had a professional mountain biker who had been waiting to go on this trip for years. That’s how I met Hans Rey.

“Hans wanted to cross Iceland. He wanted to go across the whole thing. He had no idea how hard that would be or what to expect. We decided to make a trip of doing all the best singletrack trails from north to south, following the volcanic belt that goes from the northeast to the southwest of Iceland. We partnered with Ice Bike Adventure, they handle nearly all the mountain biking tours in Iceland and we put together a proposal for a trip. It all just came together.”

Check out the amazing photo gallery by Scott Markewitz and watch the full length documentary.

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