The Iceland Airwaves Music Festival Starts This Week

From November 1 - 5

For many people around the world, their first introduction to Iceland was the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. What started in 1999 as a one-off show in a airplane hangar has become one of the top festival venues around the world. Airwaves features rock, e & m and other genres from around the world with hundreds of music journalists and industry leaders in attendance.

The festival manages to integrate major shows with a comparable off-venue catalogue. The streets of Reykjavík come alive with music as everyone tries to host their own event or happening. The acts vary from local heroes like Daði Freyr and Hatari to international favourites such as Fleet Foxes or Billy Bragg (“The Megas of Wales” as he’s known around here) or Mumford & Sons.

Photo provided byReykjavík Central Apartments

The founding sponsor of the festival, the airline “Icelandair” (Get it? Iceland Airwaves = IcelandAir waves) partners with the City Of Reykjavík to make the large influx of visitors comfortable and accommodated. The festival has always been dedicated to highlighting new music from around the world and a good showing at Airwaves is often indicative of a star on the rise.

If you love music, northern lights, and chance to meet like-minded people from around the world, November 1 – 5 is the best time to visit Iceland.

For more information check out the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival Website. Also, if you’re an up-and-coming band from anywhere in the world, download the artist application for next year. We’d love to me you.