Instagram should start paying Iceland for all the photos people take when they get here. You may be like the millions of other tourists who were inspired to come to this island after seeing over-saturated photos of waterfalls, black sand beaches and emo-ponies (they’re actually horses!).

With photo ops all over the country, it has become increasing popular for Iceland to be a destination wedding location.

Here are two things you need to do to make this happen:

1. Wherever you plan to get married in Iceland, the local District Commissioner will need all the appropriate documents before she is able to give you authorization for a marriage ceremony. 

2. You need the following documents: Birth Certificates, Marriage Statement Form, Certificate of Marital Status and Passports. If either partner is divorced, you need to prove the divorce and division of assets and liabilities has been finalized. If either partner is a widow or widower, you need to prove the division of the estate, assets and liabilities has been finalized. Finally you have to show you are in Iceland legally.

Also, two pieces of of advice from Niceland:

  1. Always plan for it to be raining. In Iceland, it rains–on average–every second day. Make sure you plan to be inside if you have to be.
  2. Book a wedding band. Iceland is an island of artists. Use that to your advantage make your wedding unique. (We recommend the band Babies!)