Waterfalls. Waterfalls. Waterfalls. Any tour around Iceland’s perimeter is peppered with waterfalls. If a tour in Europe can be categorized as an ABC trip (Another Bloody Church), Iceland can be called an AB…Well you get the idea. The glaciers in the interior create the rivers and waterfalls on the perimeter. In a sense, due to the higher elevation in the interior (known as the “highlands”), making the entire island a large dome with water rushing from the highlands to the ocean, Iceland is one big waterfall. The ground is very porous in the highlands so most of the water also gets absorbed into the ground, resulting in very little plant life.

One the best day tours in Iceland, that gives you a chance to not only see, but in one case walk behind, two beautiful waterfalls, is the Premium South Coast Tour. This tour is intimate and informative. You travel with a maximum of 15 people (the perfect amount of people to make it social but not overbearing). The guide will educate you on the history, geology and pop-culture of the region, while also giving you time to explore for yourself.

The South Coast Of Iceland Has Waterfalls, Black Sand Beaches And More!

The South Coast of Iceland is more than just waterfalls, however; you will also see the giant waves of Reynisfjara beach with the surreal, geometric basalt columns, the black beach of Dyrhólaey, the tip of a glacier (Sólheimajökull) and ending the trip in the town of Vík. Not a bad day, if you ask us.

What Do I Need To Bring?

All you need is warm clothes and proper footwear. This is an easy trip, but always be prepared for the weather!

*Remember* You have to arrange your pickup and drop off at your hotel ahead of time. Make sure to do it when you’re booking your trip.

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