Iceland Has A Whole Day Dedicated To Cream Puffs!

If you’ve been looking for reasons to move to Iceland we’ve got a solid one for you: Cream Puff day.

Cream Puff Day, or Bolludagurinn in Icelandic, happens on the Monday six weeks before Easter. The tradition originates from Denmark and was introduced in Iceland in the early 19th century.

Traditionally the bollur (cream puffs!) are made from a choux pastry, filled with jam and whipped cream and topped with chocolate glaze. In the past few years Icelandic bakers have become a bit more adventurous and you can find them with all sorts of different fillings and toppings!

On this day you can buy a bolla from all bakeries in Iceland – if you are not lucky enough to be located in Iceland today you could give making them a go – here is a simple recipe.

Traditionally children are supposed to wake up their parents with special wands called bolludagsvöndur. They use the wands to spank their parents and the number of spanks they manage to give determine how many bollur you get. The photo below shows a young child with a bolludagsvönd in 1962 – photo from Þjóðminjasafnið.

Cream puff day Iceland, Bolludagur
Photo: Þjóðminjasafnið