The Minnesota Vikings have adopted the Viking clap made famous by Iceland’s National Football Team during the EuroCup 2016. The Vikings called Iceland’s National Team and asked permission to use the chant.

The chant’s “HOOH” has been changed to “Skol,” meaning “cheers.” The Captain of Iceland’s National Football team, Aron Gunnarsson, gave his blessing to the chant on social media.

Before the fall season, three of the Vikings’ star players–defensive tackle Linval Joseph, Hunter, and tight end Kyle Rudolph–decided to visit Iceland.

“Props to Vikings on how they survived. I mean, how cold it is? The fishing? The animals?” star defensive end Danielle Hunter told The Ringer. “They are really tough warriors.”

According to the General Manager Bert Rose, the Minnesota football team chose the team name “Vikings” because the name “represented both an aggressive person with the will to win and the Nordic tradition in the northern Midwest.”

While touring around Iceland, Linval Joseph and Danielle Hunter tried some of the local langoustine (tiny arctic lobster). “We got lobster one night. I think I’m about to have the world’s biggest lobster and the lobster comes out,” Joseph told The Ringer, only to be interrupted by Hunter’s uproarious laughter. Then he continued: “And it’s as big as my thumb. They explained, ‘Oh, the water is too cold here, they don’t grow.’ I mean, that makes sense, but still.”

Linval Joseph and Danielle Hunter. Photo Courtesy Of The Ringer

The two football stars were not just amused by small size of the langoustine, but also the lack of diversity in wildlife. “The most interesting thing was the lifestyle as far as animals go—they don’t have a lot of animals there, probably like three at the max, so just for them to fish, and they pretty much ate fish,” Joseph told The Ringer.

The two travelled around Iceland and behaved the way more tourists do, swimming in pools and blowing up their instagram with waterfall photos.