The average life expectancy of an Icelander is 82.9 years, one of the longest life expectancies on earth. The deviation between men and women isn’t that far off either: 81.8 for males and 84.8 for females. Iceland has become a place where people grow old gracefully and the reason behind it must come from Iceland. But why?

By examining the remains of the first settlers of Iceland, researchers at deCode Genetics in Reykjavík found that those remains more closely resemble the genes of Norwegians and the Irish. Living in Iceland for the last 1000 years was not just difficult, it changed people’s DNA.

Obviously, the high-protein diet of Icelanders is something modern day fitness fanatics do as well. Skýr, Iceland’s high-protein low-fat yogurt like cheese, is the ancient equivalent of a protein shake, a snack that has been incorporated into even the most average health minded individual. The other major differences for Icelanders are the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids from fish, increased Collagen intake from fish consumption and the protective and restorative bathing culture that leads to healthy skin (your largest organ).

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This healthy fat is found in fish, but Icelanders have another secret: Lýsi. It’s cod-liver oil from Icelandic Cod. It’s a tradition to take it every morning to keep you healthy and fit and able to survive the long dark winters. There are even versions with added vitamin D. It’s also good at prevent overeating, by giving you a caloric boost in the morning to keep you going well past noon.

Marine Collagen

Collagen is the main protein in connective tissue. It’s what keeps the elasticity in your skin and strength in your joints. It’s recommended to increase your collagen intake the older you get because your body quits producing enough on its own. The benefit of Icelandic marine collagen is the sustainable and organic method for obtaining it. It’s a by product of the wild-caught fish that is delivered fresh every morning. In the past few years, it’s been developed as a supplement as well with the added benefit of being completely natural.

Skin Health And Bathing Culture

The high silica count in the Blue Lagoon’s water works as a natural sun block. The high-mineral hot springs that pumps into every home and every neighbourhood pool is a luxury the rest of the world wishes it had. The Icelandic ritual for bathing and skin care is engrained into the culture and simply picking up the same habits could lead to healthier, younger looking skin for yourself.

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