Photo of the day: Puffin

Photo: Jonatan Pie

Did you know that 60% of the global Atlantic puffin population breed in Iceland? Quite impressive isn’t it? A population of around 10 million Atlantic Puffins make our little island their home during breeding season and this peculiar bird has in many ways become the token of tourism in Iceland.

Slightly resembling penguins but with a signature brightly coloured beak that actually changes colour and turns a bit paler during winter, it is safe to say that they have got a striking look going on.

And finally our favorite fact about puffins: these cute little guys mate for life, raise their single puffling during summer and return to the same hole (oh, also they don’t make nests they prefer digging a hole) with the same mate. How cute?

Fancy a puffin on your wall? The puffin is one of the birds featured on our Birds of Iceland poster available here.