Photo of the day: Surprised Arctic fox pup

Photo: Jonatan Pie

The only native terrestrial mammal in Iceland is the Arctic fox – who actually walked over the frozen sea at the end of last ice age! The fox is an important part of the Icelandic fauna and has managed to adapt to our challenging climate and limited resources. So as you can imagine it is very hardy.

In the winter the fox dresses up in a thick winter fur that keeps it warm and cosy but in the summer time it has a more close-cropped fur. The fox can be found in two colour morphs, white and blue. During winter the fur of the white fox becomes shinning white and during summer they change to a bi-colour. The blue morph is dark brown and pretty much stays the same colour – with a little bleaching from the sun in late winter. The highest density of the Arctic fox can be found in the West fjords in Iceland but they actually can be found all around the island.

During breeding season the foxes form monogamous pairs and raise their pups jointly in elaborate underground dens. In the above photo one Arctic fox pup was captured looking a bit surprised.

Photo by Jonatan Pie