Top 5 natural pools in Iceland

Due to Iceland’s geothermal energy the country boasts of a vast number of warm natural pools found spread over the country. How does soaking in a warm natural pool surrounded by picturesque mountains and intact nature with birds chirping in near distance and a warm (considering you’re in Iceland!) summer breeze blowing through your hair sound? Tempting? Well, we wanted to tell you about some of our favorite geothermal pools in Iceland where you can experience exactly that. Grab your swimsuits and lets go!

Hellulaug, Flókalundur

Photo: Flickr/Snorrithor

Situated by sea level with picturesque views over Vatnsfjörður. Hellulaug is in the Westfjords of Iceland and makes a perfect pit stop after a long day of discovering the fjords. Warmth of the water is around 38°C and entrance is free but there is a small money box for donations. Take note that there are no locker rooms.

How to get there: Located in Vatnsfjörður in the Westfjords. Close to Hótel Flókalundur. If tarvelling from Reykjavík take Road 60 of the ring road. Use Google Maps for more detailed directions.

Krosslaug, Reykir

Photo: Flickr/mayugeinu

Surrounded by pretty landscape and a small forest (think tiny, we mean small by Icelandic standards!) this small pool is a divine stop while exploring Borgarfjörður. The pool is quite small so it does not offer space for large crowd which in our opinion makes the experience even more cozy. The heat of the water is around 42°C.

How to get there: Located in Lundarreykjadalur. Take road 52.

Landbrotalaug, Snæfellsnes


Tiny little pool with the most amazing view. Located at Snæfellsnes, Landbrotalaug is good to visit all year round. Being tiny it only fits around 2-3 people so bear that in mind while visiting. Temperature can get up to 42°C.

How to get there: Located in the south part if Snæfellsnes. From Borgarfjörður drive approximately 41 km and past cutting to Blönduós by making a turn to Stóra-Hraun. Drive past an old abandoned farm and take a left into a small road.

Strútslaug, South highlands

Photo: Flickr/Dr hoddsson

Located in the highlands right next to a glacial river and surrounded by picturesque mountains basically makes Strútslaug the perfect bathing spot. Getting there is a bit of a challenge as you need a jeep but that does make it somewhat less populated than many other pools. Hopping between the ice cold glacial river to the warm pool is also a must. Oh, also the name basically translates to: Ostrich pool.

How to get there: Get there by road 210 and hike for about 1 hour from the car. Use Google Maps for more detailed directions.

Laugarvalladalur, East Iceland


Close to river Jökulsá á Dal and equipped with a warm waterfall shower! Beautiful location but do take care as the water does sometimes get to hot. The pool is located close to an abandoned farm. The pool is in the highlands so you will need a jeep to get there. But hey, you are in Iceland to have an adventure, right?

How to get there: From the ring road you need to take mountain road F907 to Laugarvalladalur. From there you will need to take a hike to the hot spring.

Take note that there are no entrance fees to any of those pools – many of them do have money boxes to collect donations. Those donations are used for maintenance of the pools. Also, being true nature pools they don’t have any locker rooms – so if you are feeling shy you might consider wearing your bathing suit under your clothes. And, last but not least please treat the environment with respect and don’t leave any garbage.

Have a splash!