Long ago, in Iceland, there was verb describing the plight of vegetarians or vegans on this North Atlantic island: starving. All things vegetables are much better today. Iceland grows its own vegetables in greenhouses powered by geothermal energy. In Reykjavík, there are many places trying to offer more vegan and vegetarian options, but to our wonderful surprise Akureyri has been a fast adopter to the trend.

The steakhouse downtown offers nut-based steak on its menu and then there is our lunch spot, Berlín, which manages to do vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes really well–not to mention brunch and breakfast.

Berlín is a small 30-seater café specializing in breakfast and lunch. It’s close to all things downtown (everything is) and its menu accommodates any type of diet. It’s the perfect morning after you arrived spot. You can sit down, enjoy a coffee, tea or freshly made smoothie and plan your day in the north.

It’s not all vegetarian and breakfast. Here is the BBQ bacon chicken with mango salsa–not too sweet, a little smoky and tender, but not dry, chicken breast.

Restaurant: Berlín
Type of Food: Breakfast, Lunch and Brunch
$$ (Out of $$$$$)