Sometimes you just want a beer and some grub. We drove up to Akureyri, which isn’t too long of a drive–about 4 and half hours. There is something about the weather or maybe it’s the landscape, but you’re always exhausted after driving in Iceland. By the time we arrived in Akureyri, we wanted to park our jeep, check in to our hotel and go somewhere for comfort food and cold beer.

Akureyri Fish And Chips is the perfect pick-me-up. It’s a different experience than Icelandic Fish And Chips. It serves up thick beer-battered fish, fries with malt vinegar and beer, cold beer. It’s near the camera shop (We always forget at least one SD card) and is close to everything downtown without being up the thigh-burning hill where the church and swimming pool sit.

Icelanders love sauce. That is a fact, uncontestable. Many of the places you stop for a quick snack serve cocktail sauce (mayonnaise and ketchup), but Akureyri Fish And Chips has malt vinegar, which is a welcome respite from the creamy sauces regularly available.

Restaurant: Akureyri Fish And Chips

Type Of Food: Deep fried goodness

Price: $$ (Out of $$$$$)