Tracks from Niceland: KUNZITE

KUNZITE is here and it’s real. This duo of Ratatat’s Mike Stroud and White Flight’s Augustin White just released their first album BIRDS DON’T FLY.

Like the name KUNZITE implies, the sound has settled into a structured wall of sound. A wall growing bigger and more immense with each song played. With their natural funky hiphop and ska/world music influences, this electronic indie rock duo keeps pushing the boundaries of vocals, productions and these synthesized soundscapes in every each way possible.

The making of this album has taken the artist all over, from Hawaii to Iceland (where Mike spends a lot of time), New York, California and even India. The album was self recorded by the duo, together and apart. Using new and old technologies they swim the cosmos. New as in WIFI, old as in spiritual and awake!

Mike Stroud and Augustin White have hit a nerve. KUNZITE is fun little gem. Accessible to anyone, KUNZITE, in their own words, are now broadcasting their music “…in whatever format desired, including holographic sound-flowers, telepathic micro-gestures, as well as the still inaudible-to-the-human-ear MP13.”

You can find the album BIRS DON’T FLY here!

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