Háfið Bláa (The Blue Sea) is a restaurant in the south of Iceland about 40 minutes from Reykjavík. It’s located just across the bridge from Eyrarbakki, a small fishing village. The restaurant features a large panoramic windows framing the sea, mountains and Óseyrar estuary.

The Blue Sea specializes in locally sourced seafood: langoustine, blue mussels, bacalao, and salmon. They also cater to vegans and landlubbers, offering lamb and ribs and nut-steak.The star of the menu is the langoustine.

Icelandic langoustine is small due to the cold temperature of North Atlantic ocean. Their small-size concentrates the flavour, giving wonderfully tasty flesh. The langoustine tails are sautéed in garlic butter, deliciously simple.

Blue Mussels

Blue mussels only began being regularly farmed in Iceland in 2009, but have quickly become a staple. Canadian mussel farmers from P.E.I. came over to help set up the ropes and begin the mussel farms. Similar to the langoustine, the blue mussels have a concentrated sweet flavour due to the cool ocean temperature.

Restaurant: Háfið Bláa, The Blue Sea

Type of Food: Seafood

Price Range: $$$ (Out of $$$$$)