You can vote for Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology for Goodread’s 2017 “Best Fantasy”. The book has already made it to the semifinals and your vote could push it to victory! Norse Mythology was recently translated to Icelandic and is available as an audiobook read by the author.

Gaiman takes the old stories of Thor, Loki and Odin and gives them new life for a new generation. He encourages you to remember the stories and tell them yourself–to friends, to family or to anyone who will listen. It’s his desire to keep the myths alive and characters within them that makes this simple book so compelling.

Neil Gaiman is having a moment right now. He’s been a popular writer for years. More aptly, he’s been a best-selling author for years. Now, Gaiman is becoming a cultural institution, a pop-culture phenomenon. The adaption of his novel, American Gods, into a critically acclaimed television series has brought him into even wider audience than his books.

Did you know that Neil Gaiman was inspired to write American Gods after visiting Iceland? He was in Iceland on a layover and stopped by the Viking World Museum in Keflavík. It was there he saw a diorama depicting the viking expedition to North America. From there, the first scene was born and the central idea: where ever people go, they bring their gods with them.

More recently, Gaiman published a book, Norse Mythology, which retells the stories of the norse gods: Oðin, Loki, Thor…etc. The stories are hilarious, crazy, violent and utterly captivating. It’s a hard book to put down.

Here is a short video of Neil Gaiman in Iceland telling the story of how American Gods came to be.