Few places in the world have such an iconic route of natural wonders so close together. It’s a real must see for any new visitors to Iceland and even a nice reminder to locals of the beauty of their country. The route contains a waterfall, a geyser, and the home of Iceland’s first parliament, located between the the continental plates of North America and Eurasia. We are talking, of course, about Iceland’s Golden Circle.

The Golden Circle has astounded tourists for centuries and, more recently, blowing up people’s instagram feeds. It consists of three major attractions: Gullfoss (the waterfall), Geysir (the great exploding geyser of geothermal water, and Thingvellir (the continental rift between North America and Eurasia).

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The Best Way To See The Golden Circle

The perfect trip is always a balance between independence and social interaction. We know you don’t want to get on a bus filled with people and listen to some impersonal announcements over a crackling loudspeaker. Then again, part of the the fun of travelling is meeting people. We have the solution: the luxury minibus.

Your minibus seats twelve. It’s comfortable with lots of space. They pick you up from your hotel–or whatever pick-up location you agree on–and your trip begins. It takes about 8 hours start to finish, with stops at each location for at least 30 minutes.

Where are you going, you ask?



Sourced from the nearby glacier, Langjökull, Gullfoss is Iceland’s “Golden Waterfalls.” The waterfall is 32 meters tall and has two dramatic stages. Over 140,000 litres of water tumbles over the falls every second. It’s featured on the cover of the album “Porcupine” by Echo & the Bunnymen.


This hot spring is probably the most visually iconic stop in Iceland–besides the Blue Lagoon. The main geysir can no longer erupt without manual provocation, but the smaller one, Strokkur, goes off every few minutes. You will see an eruption. Whether you time your selfie right is another issue.


This crater lake is one of several in the area, but the red formations against the aquamarine water make it a unique geological splendor. It’s really worth the hike. You can sense the real volcanic force that lies beneath us when you see the way it carves and shapes the land.

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Your Checklist

  1. You are being picked up and dropped off and accompanied by a professional guide. Your package includes the entrance fee to Kerið, so sit back relax and enjoy the ride.
  2. Iceland is, well, “Ice” land–so remember to bring warm clothing and appropriate footwear. You will be walking around outside with the elements.
  3. There will be many places to purchase food during the trip. You can pack a lunch, but if you forget you won’t go hungry.
  4. Think of a few questions to ask your guide before the trip starts. The more you put into your trip the more you get out and they are there to make it as informative and fun as possible.

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