Part one // South Iceland

“Suðurland” or South Iceland is a region of Iceland that is home to 23,311 people. The largest town in South Iceland is about an hour from the capital Reykjavik. This town has about 6,000 residents and is called Selfoss, which translates to Seal Waterfall. I do not know why, because there are no seal waterfalls in Iceland!

Iceland is not a big place and we only have one road that goes all the way around the country, appropriately called  “Þjóðvegur 1” or National road 1.

A large percentage of tourists and people traveling in Iceland do so by car, mainly because It gives people the opportunity to stop along the way to discover new places and marvel the stunning landscapes with their own eyes.

South Iceland is probably the area of the country visited the most, known for the Golden Circle including geysers, tectonic plates and waterfalls, not to mention the volcanoes and glaciers.

The landscapes are not the only thing worth getting to know in Iceland because the people are also extraordinary! Sometimes working in arctic conditions, they are resourceful and have achieved impressive results. For example, in the south you can find places like Friðheimar, an organic tomato farm that has a year round culinary experience for visitors based solely on their tomatoes that are cultivated on some of the most infertile soil in the world.

Great variety in sustainable companies can be found all over Iceland, everything from organic tomatoes to companies like “ON” power stations that harvest 100% green energy from geothermal water, keeping pollution to an absolute minimum and making sure all our precious resources are carefully monitored.

Niceland is heading SOUTH on our way EAST for LUNGA FESTIVAL 2018 and we would love for you to join us! #lunga2018 #roadtolunga

We will be getting to know people that are traveling in Iceland along the way, taking in the sights and visiting all sorts of interesting places.

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