Lambing Season in Iceland: Cuteness Overload!

Cuteness overload!

Things take a little bit longer to come out of the dead of winter in Iceland than they do in most other places. For example, this year right after the “first day of summer” (which falls on the first Thursday in April after April 18th), we’ve had snow all over the country at least twice and all kinds of hailstorms.

Even so, when Spring does come around, you really feel it. If you have been around in Iceland over the last week or two, you may have noticed that the sheep all looked unusually fat. They were in fact very pregnant, and all of that is about to change now because they will be giving birth to lambs: usually one, many times two, but three is extremely rare and the national record is seven!

Lambing season is an especially joyful time here in Iceland, because these little lambs are just about the sweetest, cutest and most innocent things you have ever seen! You can see them out there, discovering the world, jumping around and all you really want to do is pick them up and hold them!

The farms are in overdrive at this time of year. As the ewes give birth, they have to be constantly monitored to check on their health and well-being, as well as to ensure the survival of the lambs. They need 24/7 supervision, and for the big farms with many sheep, this period can last a few weeks and sometimes even a month or two. The lambing happens inside a sheepcote at the farm, and it not long before the sheep are released into a field within the farm and then driven up into the mountains for the rest of the summer, until the summer when the sheep are brought down

Have you ever wanted to be around on an Icelandic farm during lambing season? Well, you can! The farms need all the help they can get and many of them are willing to take volunteers as well as provide room and board while you’re there. Its a truly beautiful and rewarding experience to witness the lambs being born and to help out during this time. And for those needing a little bit more cuteness into their day we recommend following #icelandiclamb on Instagram for the daily dose.