Ready To Celebrate Eat-Till-You-Burst Day?

An Icelandic grocer posing in 1980 with all the ingredients needed for a Eat-Till-You-Burst Day feast! Photo:

Icelanders have a rather curious collection of holidays revolving around unusual foods. We’re sure you’ve heard all about the mid-winter festival Þorri that revolves quite a bit around fermented shark, boiled sheep’s head and sour ram’s testicles – if not you can read all about it here.

Þorri is far from being the only food related celebration in Iceland. Yesterday we celebrated Bolludagur, or Cream Puff Day, and today we have another rather unusual day; Sprengidagur, or Eat-Till-You-Burst Day.

Sprengidagur revolves around feasting on salted lamb with a side dish of lentil soup – a dish called saltkjöt og baunir. The only thing really expected of the festivities of Sprengidagur is that you overeat – so much that you feel like you’re about to explode. Hence the name Eat-Till-You-Burst Day.

The meal is relatively easy to prepare so if you are curious we do suggest you give it a go – find a recipe here. If you do give it a go let us know through our Facebook!