Fresh wasabi is now available for the first time in Iceland at the Fishmarket and Grillmarket. The startup company Jurt has launched it’s first product, Nordic Wasabi, which is a high quality fresh wasabi grown sustainably in Iceland.

The product that most people recognize as wasabi is almost never real wasabi but instead a mix of horseradish, mustard and green food coloring and seldom contains any real wasabi at all. Fresh wasabi is made straight from the stem of the wasabi plant and is a 100% pure authentic product, free of any added chemicals. The stem of the plant is ground down on a grater to make the wasabi paste without adding anything. Nordic Wasabi is now available at the Fishmarket and Grillmarket.

The product has received great reviews by guests at the Fishmarket and Grillmarket and the ingredient is used in new and exciting dishes as well as with traditional sushi. Two feature cocktails have been made with the fresh wasabi: the cocktail “Nordic Wasabi Martini” served at the Grillmarket and the “Wasabi Mule” cocktail served at the Fishmarket.
Jurt, formerly known as Wasabi Iceland, participated in Startup Reykjavik in the summer of 2015. The founders of the company are Johan Sindri Hansen and Ragnar Atli Tómasson. The company has already hired staff to oversee harvesting. The company has received funding from private investors and innovation funds like the Icelandic Technology Development fund.

Nordic wasabi is grown in high tech greenhouses in the East of Iceland where geothermal heat and electricity, that has an international certificate as a renewable energy source, are used in the production. Fresh wasabi is a rare and popular ingredient in high end cuisine and is traditionally used with sushi. Wasabi has sparked great interest in the so called fusion cuisine where different ingredients are mixed together to create a unique experience for the consumer. In fusion cuisine for example wasabi is served with steaks, all kinds of desserts and cocktails. Foreign chefs have shown the company great interest and Jurt aims to start export of fresh wasabi, under the brand Nordic Wasabi, later this year.